Our favourite real wax candles and scented varieties are great to warm any home. The gadget lovers will enjoy our handy remote controlled options, which are also perfect for those in the hospitality industry.

What are the benefits of Flameless Candles?

The flameless design makes them safe around children and animals, or where there is a risk of fire. They last much longer than a normal candle, requiring only the occasional replacement of batteries. There are also cost benefits when compared with traditional candles, which can be found here.  For a better overview of battery candles and the benefits of using them see our candle guides.

What time will my candles be delivered?

Whilst we can guarantee same-day shipment of all items ordered before 1pm Monday-Friday, we are only able to provide an expected date of delivery for these items. All items sent via courier service will be given a tracking code and you will receive an email with the link to the courier's tracking system. This will allow you to follow the progress of delivery. If you have any other questions regarding your shipment, or if there appears to be a problem with delivery, please email us at info@batterycandles.co.uk or through via our "Contact" section at the top of the page.

My parcel has not arrived, what can I do?

Whilst we can guarantee same-day shipment on items ordered before 1pm, we cannot guarantee against any third-party errors that occur during shipment. All orders sent via courier will be provided with a tracking code, which allows you to follow its progress by entering the code on the couriers supplier website that we'll send you with the dispatch confirmation. In the event that the parcel is lost by the courier, we will be happy to refund your order in full after the delivery period expires. If you encounter problems with a Royal Mail delivery, or the courier tracking site shows an error, please email us on info@batterycandles.co.uk

My parcel was damaged on arrival, what should be done?

In the event that your package arrives damaged, please inform us within 24 hours of delivery. A photograph of the damaged package, in the state it arrived in, will help us when submitting a claim to the carrier. We will usually ask you to return the candle and we will be able to send a replacement product once the damaged item has been received.

What are the flameless candles made of?

There are three main types of flameless candle: real wax, silicone and plastic. Whether you are looking for a rustic-effect wax outer, or a more robust silicone taper, we have candles to suit every preference! See the full description against each candle type for details of what they are made of. 

Do the flameless candles flicker?

Yes all the candles flicker (and we believe these are the best flickering flameless candles on the market). We have three flame technologies.  First, the 'real wick' effect which has a realistic black wick, but no 'flame' as such.  Then the flame-shaped bulb, and finally the 'moving flame' design.  All our candles flicker, and they all create a beautiful ambience!

The batteries have not lasted very long in the candle I bought?

Our candles are manufactured in the Far East using a cheaper 'display' style battery, sent to the UK and held in storage until sold. Therefore we cannot guarantee the battery life with a recently purchased candle, and we strongly recommend changing to a new battery as soon as the candles are received for maximum battery length.

How long do you need for hire notification?

We pride ourselves in the efficiency of our candle hire service, and are able to send the candles as soon as payment is received (provided we have the items in stock). Delivery and collection of these candles can be arranged for dates that are convenient for you. Please note that we require at least a week's notice for larger quantity orders, and we tend to take bookings three or four months ahead for peak months (Summer and Christmas)

Where can I get replacement batteries for the flameless candles?

We stock all types of batteries, including rechargeable, for our candles, just check on the description of the candle and you will find which batteries are required. You can view our range of carefully selected batteries for our candles here.

How do the hire candles get collected?

We are happy to arrange delivery and collection on dates that are most convenient for you. The cost of this service is usually around £25. Alternatively, if you would like to organise this yourself please notify us to inform us of the dates. Items must be returned and with us within 3 days after hire, unless agreed otherwise by one of our team members.

How long do flameless candles burn for?

The Flameless candles all vary in burn hours. Our real wax candles average at 250 hours (but some can last up to 1,000 hours!) and approximately 80 hours for each of the tea lights and votives, but you can check each product for the estimated time, listed as "burn time" on the product page. Please note that this burn time is based on continual burn, and a single set of batteries, and we recommend the use of an alkaline battery once the batteries are replaced.